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The Heights School

As a large school community, our focus is on providing as many educational opportunities for our students as possible. Our aim is to help young people take control of their lives in ways that will benefit the democratic society in which we live, and bring personal reward and satisfaction to themselves. We do this in partnership with the wider community and with you as parents. We encourage our students to take responsibility, relate respectfully, embrace diversity and actively engage with the curriculum framework and both the school and broader community.

The Heights School is a large and complex educational organisation. We deliver a range of educational programs to learners from the Pre School age of 3½ and 4 years to students in Year 12 and beyond.

The school opened in 1977 as the Modbury Heights High School sharing its buildings with Pedare Primary School. The following year saw the integration of the schools into a combined campus so the first metropolitan R-12 school was established. A Child Parent Centre opened that year and the school became known as "The Heights CPC-12 School.

Statement of Purpose

The Heights P-13 School’s key purpose is to work together with our community in the best interests of young people, at every stage of their development from the Early Years to young adult-hood. We want everyone in our community to feel capable and well equipped to tackle daily and future challenges and to achieve individual aspirations.

How we achieve this purpose:

  • Through the provision of a caring culture that engenders mutual respect and a strong sense of belonging and pride in the school.
  • Through the appreciation of diversity and the provision of a broad range of programmes designed to accommodate individual interests, needs, gifts and talents and to promote curiosity, creativity and optimism.

Contact Details

The Heights School

Brunel Drive Modbury Heights SA 5092