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Marden Senior College

Marden Senior College is a learning institution which gives you access to a wide range of SACE and VET courses - the greater the choice the more pathways you have to explore.

One of the more obvious benefits of completing your secondary education in a specialist college like Marden is that you will have access to a wide range of subject choices at Year 11 and Year 12 levels. This can be a critical issue as you want to find the best combination of SACE subjects to prepare for your particular study or employment pathways.

What Makes Marden Different?

Marden is a school that focuses on SACE subjects and pathways for students wanting to complete their secondary schooling in a flexible adult environment. The students who enrol are generally aged 16 years and older.

Studying in an adult learning community is very different to life in a R-12 or 8-12 school. For a start there are no uniforms or bells. Students can study part-time or full-time during the day or at night. Evening classes from 5.00 pm onwards are held only once a week. Timetabling in this way generally means that most students are not required to be at the College every day.

Marden promotes and upholds the key values consistent with living in an adult community such as respect for diversity and difference, individual freedom balanced by social responsibility, independent learning and organisational skills. Having the opportunity to be part of this kind of a learning community provides an important transition experience for students as they prepare for their post school pathways.

Access to a broad range of subjects provides you with the opportunity to focus on your strengths, needs and interests in order to best enable you to achieve your goals and to be well placed to compete for study and employment options when you leave school.

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Marden Senior College

Marden Road Marden SA 5070