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Pulteney Grammar School

 Pulteney is a co-educational school in the Anglican tradition. Located in Adelaide's city square mile for more than 150 years. Pulteney offers a complete education for girls and boys from Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

The city location is part of Pulteney's character. It attracts girls and boys from all parts of Adelaide, creating a unique learning environment that's vibrant and diverse.

The teaching is open but structured, the climate inclusive and learning is enriched by the cultural resources of the city. This makes Pulteney different and the quality of its community - its students, parents and teachers - can be felt by every visitor.

This is Pulteney's special strength, and this spirit underpins the quality of learning and interacton within its community.

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Pulteney Grammar School

190 South Terrace Adelaide City SA 5000